Being in the World


Being in the World


BEING IN THE WORLD is connecting with nature, with land, with others, and with our past. It is acknowledging who came before us with gratitude and respect. Being in the world is connecting to our senses and our surroundings. It is being able to feel the sublime and the uncanny in relation to place. 

Being in the world is a commitment to actively engage with everything and a desire to connect with other individuals. The exhibition encourages viewers to reflect on their presence and spiritual experience through creative environments that explore living and nourishing ourselves as souls that have bodies, rather than bodies that have souls. Being in the world is being present, reflective, authentic, aware, and empathetic.



Templo de Reflejo

Andrea Veintimilla


Nabeela Malik

Injury at Track Level

Janeen Gilbert

Vestige Echo

Velta Vikmanis

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