Being in the World



Vestige Echo

Velta Vikmanis




Time is a consistent theme and focus for my work. There are three common threads; the of passing time, the impact of current events and the time spent in repetitious action in the creation of objects. All three of these threads are time based and live on the continuum where I create, engage and explore. In addition to time, the consideration of different materials and the language they project within my story is equally significant. The use of text or audio has become a vital component to many of my works as part of the objects themselves or the installations. Each of these elements carries a separate, yet vital role that sparks greater harmony and meaning when experienced in partnership by the viewer. During these extraordinary times and circumstances I am even more drawn to the uncertain, limited, catastrophic and restrictive nature of time to create objects, moments and opportunities to bring people together for reflection, engagement and healing. 


Vestige Echo

Artifacts of life
Collected over decades
Stored and kept safe
History to be documented, later revealed

A history of life, lives in proximity
Minute or significant, totally irrelevant
Each artifact a place
A bookmark of a moment
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
Astounding conversation
Note those at the table, save the receipt
Our deepest sympathies
A card to summon strength on dark days

An artifact collector
Transforming chaos to order
Conversing with each piece
Where it has been, delighted it has reappeared
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
Pieces that offer encouragement
A happy place, an easier time
Moments of joy, time of contentment
Glimpse of the road traveled

A classical piece
Catapult to a Sunday morning
Transition to a church in Montreal
Mozarts Requiem a cold autumn night
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
Collect to preserve
Parts of life with meaning
Reminders of experience
Connecting our humanity, elevating our empathy

Artifacts memorialize
I was here - WE are here
What has impacted and influenced
It stands before you now
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
The journey is unfinished
Remove a single memory, a different story
Artifacts, in pieces
Woven and shared into your consciousness

New meaning and significance
Don’t forget the face, that smile
Time returns like magic
A catalyst of memory
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
Each person has an echo
A depth and range of colour
In a snail trail of life
It sparkles and shines when the light hits

Artifacts versatility to manifest
Removed from original context
Transformed and metamorphosed
A new story
I remember when…
I remember that…
I remember.
A memory created from what you have seen
Transformation and eternal flow
Time moving to and fro
Connecting us into a common plot

Now hear the Vestige Echo.

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