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Janeen Gilbert

Janeen Gilbert is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. She is also a teacher and a mother of two teenagers. She has a B.A.Sc in Family and Social Relations from the University of Guelph, a B.A. in History from York University and a B.Ed from the University of Toronto. She is the owner and director of Lello Art School, which focuses on art education and enrichment within Toronto schools. She is currently enrolled at OCADU in Sculpture and Installation, with a minor in Art History. Janeen’s work is often autobiographical and centres around self-discovery and self-realization.


Velta Vikmanis

I was born and raised in the state of Minnesota but throughout my life I have frequently visited Canada and most recently called Toronto home since 2005. I began my studies at OCAD University in 2012 while working full time in hospital administration. The past nine years have been a journey of discovery, self-reflection and meditation on life and art; at what points do these two forces intersect? Uncertain of what the next chapter may be, I am excited to take the skills and knowledge that I have gleaned to begin writing a new book and seeing what develops from these interesting times we are currently living.

Andrea Veintimilla

Andrea Veintimilla was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador in 1999. She moved to Toronto, Canada for her studies in Sculpture and Installation at OCAD University in 2017.  Through experimentation of materials and themes, Andrea’s work always comes back to explore this main idea. Andrea’s artwork explores themes of diaspora and Latin American spiritual transformation.  She is directing her sculpture career towards public art and architectural pieces.

Nabeela Malik

I was born in England and moved back and forth from England to Canada. I have been studying at OCAD University since 2016 and completed two minors in Material Arts and Design and Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. I am now completing my thesis in Sculpture/Installation as well as running a small business on the side. My efforts are all focused on spiritual potential and sharing the beauty and power behind spirituality through my concepts regarding the spiritual warrior mindset.



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